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About Tano Secure Inc.

The spirit of IOT is "Solving the Problems"

Based on the spirit of IOT, the Tano Secure Inc. developed the Tano Intelligent Agriculture GACP (TIAGA) Cloud Management System (CMS) to solve the current problems of agriculture. The current problems that a farmer must face include the diseases and pests of crops, the various environment of growth of crops, etc. In addition, customers must face the problem about residues of pesticides. The basic functions provided by the TIAGA CMS include automatic irrigating and nourishing which may also be provided by other systems. The TIAGA CMS, however, can further predicate and give the alarms about the possibilities of risks from diseases and pests. The TIAGA CMS can also suggest the alternative agricultural materials to help in getting rid of diseases and pests, and then increase the yield of crops. The TIAGA CMS can also help a farmer to record all the cultivation steps and information which are standardized in Good Agriculture and Collection Practice (GACP), and make them transparent to customers. Customers can then explore those recorded cultivation steps and information to buy without worries about residues of pesticides.

The Brand Story of "DoctorCultivate"

The "DoctorCultivate" series of peace-of-mind agricultural products are supported by the crop safety guarantor, Tano Secure Inc. Our team adapts the traditional cultivation to provide our peace-of-mind agricultural products by IoT, AI, biotechnology, cold chain preservation, extraction after deep processing, and other comprehensive technologies. These peace-of-mind agricultural products were first planted in the Taoyuan Longtan Organic Smart Demonstration Farm and other farms in Yilan, Nantou ... All the cultivation steps followed the GACP standards from planting to serving. All the agricultural products have true and complete records, no residues of phosphide and heavy metal, and high nutritional value. All the agricultural products are peace-of-mind.


The Tano Secure Inc. has engaged in the study of education since 2017. A series of certification courses has been developed to meet the spirit of "Learning with innovation and Learning innovations""Just doing it by hand and Exploring the possibilities of the future", and "Making things practical and Bridging between academy and industry" with our partners. In addition to the introduction to IoT applications, it also includes STEM learning, advanced IoT, IoT industry applications, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. These courses bring a lot of diverse creations and opportunities in education between both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Company Profile

Founded: June 14, 2016
Tax ID Number: 43903056
Address: 5F, No. 297, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 10050, Taiwan
Capital: 25 million(TWD)

Products and Services

  • Development of Intelligent Agriculture Application
  • Consulting Services
  • Agriculture Product Marketing
  • Promotion of IoT Certification Courses
  • Promotion of AI Certification Courses